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Elyse and Writers of the Future – Conclusion

On December 3, 2015, I received an email with the title “Your 4th Quarter WOTF Entry” and the following content:

Dear Entrant,
Your story has been judged and is an Honorable Mention for the 4th quarter. (entry between 1 July through 30 September 2015)


Best regards,
Joni Labaqui

I won an Honorable Mention!!

But wait… what exactly does that mean?

I researched a bit and it looks like the grades they hand out are as follows: (source)

  1. Winner
  2. Finalist
  3. Semi-Finalist
  4. Honorable Mention (Quarter Finalist)
  5. Nothing

To put this into perspective: (source)

Honorable Mentions are between 5 and 15 percent each quarter. It depends on how many good stories there were.

This is actually really great. Even though I have “only” gotten to the first step on the ladder, my story is part of a select few! David Farland, the head judge of Writers of the Future, recently blogged about Honorable Mentions: (You can read the post here)

But maybe it’s not a grand prize winner. Maybe it’s an Honorable Mention. Honorable Mentions are my way of saying, “You’re writing almost at a professional level, but this one didn’t quite do it for me.” Or better yet, “I’d really like to see more from you. Keep trying!”

I think that is rather encouraging! 🙂


There were some issues which I am still trying to sort out with Joni. One of them being that my name is missing from the list of Honorable Mentions of the 4th Quarter. She’s busy organizing the big awards ceremony right now, but she promised to look into it afterwards.

Since receiving the result of my entry, I’ve sent Elyse off to sell it to a big magazine. It’s still pending – and I think it will still be a long while before I get an answer – but I hope they like it. 🙂



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