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Sky High

Young Adult / Science Fiction

2314. Humanity has failed to colonize space. After expanding horizontally for centuries, all of Earth is covered in one giant city. The only way left to go was up, so they built towards the sky. Then, one hundred years ago, a meteor hit Earth, annihilating a region formerly known as Europe. The death toll was staggering, but that was not all. That was when the changing began and the first Evos appeared.
With limited space for humans to live, Earth’s government instated a law to keep the population healthy and strong. The Natural Selection. Anyone found to have a hereditary mutation will be sterilized – including their children.

Mark is a Jumper, one of the few daring to take the Tubes going up and down the city. When he receives a note from his long dead father, and government agents appear on his door the next day, he is thrown into a journey that questions the very understanding of his life and the world he lives in…

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